Friday, 11 October 2013


Arriving at 1am in Amsterdam is no fun, but turning up to THE #1 STEEPEST stair’s I have ever seen let alone climbed with our back pack’s on is downright painful! Then we get into our room which is 3 floors up, above a "coffee shop" (weed smoking cafe) and in the roof so we have to bend over not to hit our heads on the slanted ceiling. Our beds are two extremely dirty single mattresses squished into the room with a graffiti covered bedside table and bin. Our luck has finally run out and we have found ourselves stuck in one of those nightmare hostels you hear read online reviews about!

Our time in Amsterdam was actually really cool, there is a fair bit more to the city than just weed and the red light district.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Magical Marrakech, Morocco

Arriving in Marrakech at 9pm and the 20 minute taxi ride to our hotel is the first taste of a few things we can expect over the next few days. First of all the airline has lost my luggage, the cab driver has charged us 250 dirims which is 25 Euro for the trip to our hotel which we discover later is only worth about 50 dirims on the meter! Out the window i see entire familys with children of different ages huddled together sleeping on the sidewalk outside their cars. It smell's, really disgustingly bad in some places. Finally there is rubbish and delapadated/deserted buildings everywhere. Don’t worry Marrakech is really cool and there’s plenty of crazy fun stories ahead but  just so you can imagine how i felt after that taxi ride, i was culture shocked.