Monday, 19 August 2013

Bonjour from Paris

Well Contiki starts with a big fat bang! Up at 6.45am and on the bus to head towards France. Kyle and I are both really tired because we didn’t get much sleep from nerves and messed up sleep patterns from all the planes! Anyway enough BMW’ing (Bitching, Moaning, Whinging – Contiki saying) so on our first night we climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower at 10pm for a few pics and  then at midnight we are sitting with our Contiki crew on the lawn in front of the tower waiting for the hourly light show! The light show is just little fairy lights all over the tower that twinkle for 5 minutes at the start of every hour. Its pretty unreal we only started this tour a few hours ago and already here we are with this world famous monument we have seen in so many pictures!

Day 2: Again we are up early after arriving home well after 1am last night on the Metro from the Eiffel Tower. This morning we are visiting a French Perfumery, was pretty interesting, you know there are these people they call “noses” who mix the different scents to make perfumes and these “noses” don’t drink coffee, no spicy food, no smoking, no alcohol to make sure their able to distinguish between scents. That's so CRAZY! They are also paid crazy amounts because its such a rare profession.

We were then dropped off at the Louvre this massive museum that is home to the Mona Lisa and has 19km worth of hallways!! We didn’t go inside the museum because it was so busy and we couldn’t be bothered trying to get between the tourists just for a picture of the Mona Lisa. The gardens surrounding the Louvre are beautiful so we took a stroll along them and then along the river to find the love lock bridge which we placed a lock and threw the key into the river for good luck. Wooo so romantic hahaha, until you find out they cut them off every 3 years to make room for new ones. 

On our way to lunch we passed the Notre Dame which is amazing to see in real life! For lunch we braved the French delicacy of Snails (Escargot) and Frogs legs at a cute cafe in a little cobblestone street. So very French Oui-Oui! I still cant believe it Kyle ate 2 snails and didn’t completely hate them! I like them they just tasted like pesto and garlic to me! The frogs legs were alot more meaty than i was expecting its like a mix between chicken and fish teture! It honestly just tasted like chicken but the unusual texture wasn’t the nicest!

Merci for reading, will try to post more soon!
Throwing away the key on the lovelock bridge (Try and spot the keys they are there!)
Kyle playing with his frog leg bones after he's eaten the meat!