Tuesday, 20 August 2013

National Swiss Day in Lucerne, Switzerland

Last night in France ended with a few drinks (and by a few drinks I mean body shots & Vodka poured straight from the bottle into our mouths by our tour guide...) so to say the least some of our Contiki are a bit seedy on the bus on the way to Lucerne.

It happens to be National Swiss Day so we arrive to the sounds of occasional fireworks and some kids playing with fire crackers in the street. Once we have dropped our bags off at The Jail (an old jail turned hotel) we are doing a cruise of Lake Lucerne. Lake Lucerne looks like a post card, it had greeny blue water and is surrounded by some lightly snow capped mountains. As we sail around the sun is setting so more fire works are going off in all directions and we are having a glass of wine or beer while listening to one of the guys on Contiki Tim play his guitar and sing. Seriously, I know it sounds like I'm writing a romance novel but that actual happened, life is good.

After the cruise we all sat around watching locals set off fireworks with no safety precaution's what so ever  (as in little kids lighting them and fireworks whizzing over peoples heads missing them by only a metre!) and then headed to a local bar for some drinks and a dance.

In the morning we drive to Mt Stansahorn and catch a cable car almost to the top then there is a short walking trail that leads to the peak. It is one of the most stunning views surrounded by colourful wild flowers, snow capped mountains and fresh alpine air.

We leave for Munich after our mountain climb but I already know ill be coming back to Switzerland its so beautiful I could have spent a week there.

Captain was busy so I offered to help drive the boat.. and wear his hat.

 Cruising Lake Lucerne with wine & that amazing view!

Kyle on top of one of the look outs at Mt Stansahorn, it has a metal grate see through bottom so I wouldn't walk on it, way to scary.

View from Mt Stansahorn... & my best photo ever!