Sunday, 4 August 2013

New York City Sampling

Back in the big city we decided to seriously get our tourist on! Went on the hop on hop off  tourist bus around town. Dinner and shopping in Chinatown and then Little Italy for dessert and Kyle had the best barber cut I’ve ever seen! After headed straight to Time's square to see the big M&M's store, i was like a kid running around getting samples of all the flavours, pretzel, mint, peanut butter, almond and raspberry flavour. Choc mint M&M's are amazing i hope they start selling them in Adelaide sometime soon! YUM!From there we caught the free ferry to Staten Island, just for an adventure and because it goes right by the Statue of Liberty. We ended our day walking up Wall St street when it started to blanket down with rain so we had to go in the Tiffanys store for shelter, bummer :)

The days have kind of mixed into one but at some point we checked out Central Park, it is just huge, its like a Jungle has been plonked down right in the middle of the city. It even comes with its own animals some big racoon thing climbed down a tree right by us, ill post a picture it is hard to explain it. After all that walking we had lunch at TGI Fridays of potato skins, mojito cocktail's and big burger meals, the burger meals seriously had 1400 Calories each. TGI Fridays is probably the fattiest food I've ever eaten and neither of us felt awesome after it but when in Rome.

Doing things on a budget.... we are learning! We have now mastered the subway and at $2.75 each a trip is easily the smartest way to get around. We have come to the realization we dont need to go to Starbucks every morning either and brought a box of Cheerios and some milk for our last 3 mornings and saved $50! Except for when it comes to shoe shopping, America really is IMPOSSIBLE to visit and not add a few pairs to your collection Kyles added some Tigers and Nikes and me a little pair of Converse All Stars and some sparkly Michael Kors heels, i will actually be in a different climate zone in these babys.

Friday we made the trip to Coney Island and went on the 150ft Wonder Wheel (ferris wheel) built in the 1920’s. Drank beers (blue moon my new fav) and ate fried shrimp at the Clam Bar on the beach front aaand visited the New York Aquarium to see the walrus eat fish for tricks. The beach at Coney Island was nothing to write home about but it was packed full so the Americans dont mind it!

On Saturday morning we went up to the 102nd floor of The Empire State Building it costs $42.00 each! Then we decided to pack some ham and cheese sandwiches and spend the afternoon in the sun at Madison Square Park. People were actually sunbaking in bikini's as if it were the beach in the middle of the park, guess thats what lifes like when you dont have a beach at your doorstep. Gave me a little spark of appreciation for our little Peterhead homes!

New York fashion is so interesting, everyone wears unusual and individual clothes and it seems anything goes! I love seeing all the dresses and heels worn during the day.

We decided to go out with a bang on our last night in New York, it started with cocktails at Wahoo's & we had booked dinner at ABC Cucina on 19th street, its a fancy tapa's resturant, to start we had a tasting meat plate with the most amazing cured meats, pickled fennell and pickled cherries followed by peekytoe crab and corn cakes with home made chipotle sauce, then garlic prawns in chilli oil, then pulled pork soft tacos with caramelised red onion and pickled strawberrie's and coriander and finally sticky spicy baby back ribs. Dessert was salted caramel impossible flan and a glass of port. It was probably the best food I've ever eaten in my life.  After we had a few drinks at Tonic rooftop bar. Safe to say the baby screaming on the plane for two hours straight the next day was not the main cause of my headache all Sunday.

Did i mention we walked right past Jay Z, Kyle saw him pull up on the curb in a blacked out 4wd of the footpath we were walking on with the window down but i missed out by the time Kyle told me who it was!

I'll add pic's later - crappy WIFI :)